What's new?

Now that I've got the site up and running, and people are starting to visit it, I will be adding more material as and when I find the time.


17/3/05 - Trackday bangers, plus links to Glencoyne Engineering (my new Land Rover business)

22/7/04 - new sections on choosing a safe banger, 20V Audi buying guide, and introducing my new Land Rover project.  And a couple of excellent new stories in the Readers Pages.

27/2/04 - added another article which I found cluttering up my hard drive - high mileage bangers.

25/2/04 - Signs of life at last - still not enough time to carry out the promised major overhaul, but I've added pages on where to buy your banger, finally posted the readers' stories that have been accumulating in my inbox for the last couple of years, added some useful information that a reader sent me on Polos, and added a short piece on troubleshooting VW instrument packs.  And I've played about with the pages so they look better on high resolution screen settings.

4/12/03 - an apology (see home page), but the prospect of better things to come.  This site is not dead, just sleeping...

9/6/02 - another Locost update.  More reader's tales are on the way, together with some stuff on VW instrument packs whci owners of older Golfs and Polos will find useful. 

8/5/02 - Unbelievably, the site is now getting around 1,500 visitors a week, so I suppose I ought to take it more seriously,  New stuff includes a major update on the Locost project, VW Polo buying guide, and the first part of a beginner's guide to DIY car maintenance.

4/4/02 - Four months since the last update.  That's laziness whichever way you look at it.  Still, plenty of new readers stories to keep you entertained, and a very brief progress (Ha!) report on the Locost.

4/12/01 - the original book 'Bangernomics' by James Ruppert is still available.  Click here for more.  I added a couple of new links as well.

2/12/01 - I have updated my Locost build report - lots of work in the last month.  Also a couple more contributions from readers.  Last but not least - Be Your Own Scrappie - how to break a car for spares.

23/10/01 - I had a quick look through the Auto Trader (sub £1000 section) and a couple of unfamiliar cars popped out.  So here's a guide to the cars, some in production as recently as last year, which even now are lurching towards bangerdom.

15/10/01 - a major overhaul to the home page to make the site easier to navigate.  Also a guide to the top ten causes of breakdown, and a new section of stuff contributed by readers.

1/10/01 - a major update to the Locost building pages.  Yes, I finally did some serious work on my self-built sports car.

25/9/01 - VW Golf 1.1/1.3 and Polo owners should read this.  It could save you money.

10/9/01 - I got tied up in other computer related projects, but have finally found time for some site updates.  Project Polo -  how an unfeasibly cheap car ended up costing me fifteen times its purchase price.  And the Bangernomics Valuation Model - how much is a fifteen year old Escort really worth?  Finally, a view from the other side of the Atlantic - read the book review and basic maintenance tips from author Kyle Busch (Bangernomics' first ever contributor - thanks Kyle).

16/7/01 - Thanks for all the feedback - much appreciated.  Added a section on cheap diesels. 

11/6/01 - A mate of mine asked for advice on buying a big luxury car, so I thought it was time to add a section on bargain barges.

20/5/01 - added new pages on hot hatch buying, and where to buy spare parts.


If there is any topic you would like to see covered, or if you have something to contribute (sorry, no payment - I only run this site for fun) then e-mail me.  And if you want to advertise your car-related business, I will be delighted to oblige.