Maintenance guides

The pages listed below give some useful tips on how to make your banger last longer without spending a fortune on garage bills.  Just click on the title of the page that interests you.


Do It Yourself- the first instalment of the Bangernomics guide to car repair

Be Your Own Scrappie (Updated 27/2/04) - How to break a car for spares

Top Ten Breakdowns  - and how to avoid them

Tyres - how to choose the best tyres for your car.

Bodges - ten common bodges that don't work - and a couple that do.

Top tips - fifteen ways to save you money and aggro.

Part buying  - the best places to find the parts you need to keep your banger on the road.

Basic maintenance tips - from American author Kyle Busch, a short guide for those who don't know one end of a car from the other.

VW Polo / Golf breather system  - complete guide to this well known weak spot which leads to heavy oil consumption on 1050/1300 VW cars.

VW instrument packs  - cheap fixes for some of the more common problems with the classic Eighties VW dash panel.