Links Page

This bit is up to you.  If you know some cool car related sites, contact me and I might put them here.

Web Site


James Ruppert's new website - still under construction but already offering a range of Bangernomics products etc. More to come soon.

Glencoyne Engineering

My own business - Land Rover specialist in rural Suffolk

Stage One V8 Pages

Information on Land Rover 109 V8 - previously hosted here

Ace Engineering

Portable gritblasters.  I bought one - brilliant tool and good value.

House of Hastings

Mail order tools.  Rapid service, good prices.

Diamond Underdogs

Brilliant website devoted to under-appreciated classic cars - Heralds, Reliant Scimitars and the like.  Worth visiting just for the 'bodges and disasters' section.

Devoted to Audi 90 and Coupe with the 20 valve engine (guess what I just bought?)  A model example of  how to pack a website with useful technical information, like how to build your own fault code reader with 50 pence worth of components.

Honest John

Excellent motoring site by the author of the Daily Telegraph's 'Honest John' car page.  Join in the fun in the Back Room forum.

Splendid Indian motoring website, a cross between Honest John and the Auto Trader.  Find out all about Enfield Bullets, buy a Vauxhall Victor (now sold as the Hindustan Contessa), and much much more.

VIN Number decoder

The 17 digit VIN number on your car has a hidden meaning.  This site decodes it.  The home page is in Polish, so click on 'English version'  Not all makes are covered yet.


Highly amusing satirical site, taking the mickey out of straight motoring journalism.

Weld UK

Supplies for the DIY welder

Big barge enthusiasts

Leaf sprung Land Rovers

Second hand parts location service - free to use

Information on college classes in car restoration

All Star Cars

Car dealer near Birmingham who specialises in bangers

Second hand workshop manuals etc by post

Online shop, technical info and more

Bouncing Czechs

Skoda enthusiasts site, worth listing here for the name alone

Database of owner-written reviews on thousands of cars - including bangers (I've posted a couple of reviews myself)

Utterly brilliant website - Gassing Station is a haven for the politically incorrect.  Started out as a small website devoted to TVRs, then grew...

Locost forum

If you are building, or thinking of building a Locost, this is probably the best place to go for help and advice.