Buying Guides

The pages listed here give you some useful tips on how to buy a cheap car that will run and run.  Just click on the title for the section that interests you.  Some of these pages date back four years and are in need of refurbishment - I'll try to deal with them as and when I find the time.

Safety bangers (NEW!) - if you're going to have an accident, these are the cars to be in

Überbanger (NEW!) - 20 valve Audis on the cheap

The New Morris Minor (Updated 25/2/04) - why the Mk2 VW Polo is the best cheap car you can buy

Bangernomics Valuation Model - simple but foolproof guide to how much to pay for an old car..

How to buy the perfect banger - what to look for when viewing a cheap old car.

Where to buy your banger - dealers, auctions and more

High Mileage bangers -  why 150,000 on the clock is better than 60,000.

Spot the dog - tell-tale signs that say 'walk away'.

Bangers - The Next Generation  (Updated 25/2/04) - coming soon to a motor auction near you.

Project Polo - I deliberately ignored my own advice to see what would happen.  Here's what.

Cheap diesels - sub £1000 oilburners you can live with.

Baby bangers (Updated 25/2/04) - the pick of the 1100cc superminis.

Classic bangers - for the style conscious.

Superbangers (Updated 22/7/04) - cars which will probably outlive you.

Bargain barges (Updated 25/2/04) - cheap luxury cars

Hot hatches - fast, furious and cheap.

Case study - buying bangers in the real world.

Carspeak - how to translate 'for sale' adverts.